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New Zealand Spinal Trust

About Us

With support from people who truly understand, someone with a Spinal Cord Impairment (SCI) can learn to meet challenges and embrace new opportunities, participate fully in their community and squeeze every drop out of a life that can be well lived.

NZ Spinal Trust are the people who offer this support – through Peer and Whanau Support, Vocational Rehabilitation and the Resource Centre.  We have been supporting positive futures for over 25 years – your purchase of an Entertainment Membership helps us achieve this ongoing goal. 

Please share this link with your family and friends – working together we can empower hundreds of Kiwis to overcome challenges, create strong networks and pursue opportunities on their individual journey. 

Thank you!  

Contact Su Marshall
Phone Number 0212883011
Address Burwood Hospital Entrance 4 – 255 Mairehau Rd Burwood, Christchurch 8083